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An interactive guide for Readers and Children. Snuggle up on the couch together with your print version of TOO MANY TOMATOES! and hunt for rambunctious mice... and baby birds... and sleeping little bunnies. Get young imaginations working, and even make up a few questions of your own.

1. Once there was a little bunny....

  • Who lives behind the tiny yellow door?
  • Where does the path behind her hole go?
  • What season of the year is it? What kind of flowers are growing by her front walk?

2. Her name was Sweet Pea.

  • How does Sweet Pea get to Town?
  • Count the fish. Count the boats. Count the buildings.

3. It was dinnertime.

  • Count the birds. Count the mice! What are they doing?
  • What time is it? How hot is the stove?
  • Find the bee and the little green worm.

4. She searched high... and low...

  • Do you think Sweet Pea will find the spaghetti sauce? Can you find it?
  • What is crawling around in the cupboard? What are they looking for?
  • Count the mice! What are they doing?

5. ...but no spaghetti sauce. 

  • What time is it now? Why is Sweet Pea so grumpy?
  • What are the mice doing? Have you ever done that before? With spaghetti??
  • What is the candle for? What do you think of Sweet Pea's idea?

6. So the next morning...

  • What did Sweet Pea bring to Town? What store does she go into?
  • Count the birds. Count the mice. Count the wheels. All of them
  • What kind of pets do you see? Do you think the fish will like spaghetti?
  • How many businesses do you see? What are the work bunnies doing?
  • What's on sale? Where is Mama bunny? 

7. This is what she bought.

  • Will Sweet Pea use all of those things to grow tomatoes?
  • What kinds of seeds does she buy? Name all of them. Will there be any left for her?
  • Count the mice. What are they doing? Are they naughty or nice?

8. With much confidence...

  • What are the birds making? Who lives in the soil?
  • Count the mice. Will Sweet Pea be able to water her garden?
  • How many pairs of sunglasses can you find?

9. ... and went to bed.

  • Count the mice. All of them. Count the bunnies. All of them
  • What's in the nest? Have you ever seen one in real life?
  • Do you think Sweet Pea's dream will come true?

10. The days passed.

  • Is Sweet Pea helping her seeds to sprout?
  • Count the mice. What are they doing now.
  • Count the mud pies. Have you ever made mud pies? Do you think they would taste good?
  • Who likes the rain? Who is having a conversation?

11. But the next day...

  • What is the "potting shed" really for? Have you ever used one?
  • How many baby birds hatched? Are they all hungry? What are the parents doing?
  • Have you ever seen a seed sprout?

12. Each day, Sweet Pea watered and weeded...

  • What did Sweet Pea tie her tomato plants to?
  • Who is doing all of the work? What do you think Sweet Pea is doing right now?
  • What kind of weeds are growing? Count the birds.

13. So she fertilized them and mulched them...

  • What is MOO POO? What's it good for?
  • What is MULCH? What's it good for?
  • Count the mice. What are they doing? Who made a new friend?

14. But her giant plants...

  • What are the baby birds doing? What is Mama and Papa bird doing?
  • Count the mice. Again. Why are they running or hiding?
  • What kind of flowers are blooming? (Purple Coneflower)

15. The days passed.

  • What color are these birds? How many mice are sleeping?
  • What are the rambunctious mice doing? What are the helpful mice doing?
  • Do you think Sweet Pea needs new clothes? How come?
  • What game are the mice playing with the pins? (pick-up-sticks)

16. She went shopping. (Top of page)

  • What is Sweet Pea buying today? Have you ever tasted honey? Squash? Rhubarb?
  • What kinds of produce (fruits and vegetables) do you see?
  • Who likes watermelon? Do you?
  • What do you think spilled out of the broken jar? Who do you think broke it?
  • Count all the bunnies. Count the mice.
  • Where is the beach? What did Sweet Pea forget to bring and put on?
  • Who do you think built the castle? What is on the flag?
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17. She wrote lots and lots of letters.

  • How many letters have been written?
  • Would you like Sweet Pea to write to you? You can send her a message under CONTACT.
  • Does String Bean live in a hole like Sweet Pea does? What is in his back yard?
  • What is Sweet Pea taking?
  • Count the blue birds. Find the one that made a friend. Who ate too many cherries?
  • Count all the insects. Do you remember the name of that flower?

18. Sweet Pea forgot all about tomatoes.

  • What time of day is it? How can you tell?
  • What kind of pie did they have? Do you like that kind? What is your favorite kind of pie?
  • Is String Bean tidy? Why do you think he is/isn't?
  • Who is sitting with Sweet Pea's mouse friend? Is that a mouse too? (Actually it's a rat)

19. Then, one day, as she was washing up the dishes...

  • Who is eating all those green apples? Is that a good idea?
  • What do you think Sweet Pea cooked and ate, to make such a mess?
  • Count the tomatoes. Look carefully
  • Count the mice. Count the forks. Count the bowls.
  • How did that bird get into the house?


  • What do you see growing on the tomato plants?
  • Count the mice. Count the tiny mouse tomatoes.
  • Are the green tomatoes ready to eat?

21. The next day there were 2 tomatoes...

  • Did you ever eat a tomato sandwich? A BLT? Tomato soup? Juice?
  • Count the mice. WHAT are they up to now?



22. Soon there were enough tomatoes...

  • Count the different kinds of herbs. Count the jars of tomato sauce. Of ketchup
  • What are the naughty mice doing?



23. But the tomatoes kept coming!

  • Count the mice. Why are they hiding?
  • What would you do with TOO MANY TOMATOES?

24. For a whole week...

  • What do you think Sweet Pea and String Bean will do? What are they building? sewing?
  • Why are they wearing glasses?
  • Count the helpful mice. Count the silly mice. 

25. Sweet Pea was sooooo tired of tomatoes.

  • What types of objects are they using to store the tomatoes?
  • Find the sleeping mouse. Who is taking a bath?
  • What is the mouse with the paintbrush doing? How much do rides cost?




  • How many words are on the sign? How many blue birds hatched?
  • Who is in a predicament? Who looks upset? Who is sleeping?
  • Find the snake.



27. WELCOME...

  • Count the boats. Find the sleeping mouse/sleeping bunnies. 
  • Who made a new friend? Why is the mouse in the boat angry?
  • Why is the bunny in the yellow dress so upset?
  • What is the blue bird doing? What is tied onto the wheelchair?
  • Find the 2 thieves. Count the balloons. 
  • Who is lost? Who is running to the rescue?

28. There were booths...

  • What are the fishing bunnies using for bait? Do you think it will work?
  • How many animals are reading? Can you find all of them? How much is a newspaper?
  • How many bunnies are sleeping? What does the mouse need to get altered?
  • Count the booths. The paintings. The necklaces. 
  • Find: the spool of thread, the artist, the piano player, the escaping baby bunny.
  • Find the mouse having a bath.

29. ...and games...

  • Find the mice sliding board. Count the mice. Count the bunnies.
  • Why is the baby bunny upset? Where is the sleeping bunny?
  • Which game would you most like to play?



30. ...and rides...

  • Who is in a predicament? Why is the bunny in the yellow dress still upset?
  • Find the green bunny. Find the reading mouse.
  • Count all the baskets. Count all the birds.
  • Why is the hayride FREE?

31. ...and food!

  • Find the 2 snakes! Find the worm. Count the baby blue birds. 
  • How many mice are eating spaghetti? Are you sure about that?
  • Who is finally awake? Do you think they will get rid of all that spaghetti?



32. By evening there was not a single tomato left.

  • What is the bunny in the yellow dress asking the work bunny?
  • Count the work bunnies in orange over-alls.
  • How many forks did the mice put in the wagon? Are there any tickets left over?
  • What is in the basket in the grass?
  • Is it true that there was not a single tomato left?

33-34. The next day after dinner,

  • Count the blue birds. Find the hummingbird.
  • Why is String Bean wearing a bow tie? Did he button his shirt correctly?
  • What instrument is the mouse playing? What is everyone celebrating?





36-36. And she didn't. The end.

  • How many eggs are in the nest?
  • Find the jack-o-lantern. The candy cane sail. The cane.
  • How many jars of sauce are for sale? Ketchup?
  • What is your favorite vegetable? What is on special? What is free? 
  • Who is sleeping? Did Sweet Pea learn her lesson?